Bridal Makeup

All good things take time, love, and nurturing before they can flourish into the wonderful and beautiful things they were meant to be! The same is particularly true when it comes to bridal makeup.

For the Bride

All bridal makeup at Makeup By CC, begins with a trial run and all trial runs begin with a skin care consultation. During the consult, your skin will be assessed and your skin care routine will be discussed. The next part of your session includes a full makeup applcation of your desired wedding day look. Please allow 1 hour for your trial run session.    – $85, 60minutes

Bridal Makeup Application    – $150, 40minutes

On the day of your wedding, your Makeup by CC artist will arrive to the location of your choice to professional apply your makeup.

For Attendants and Guests

As a Bride, you want to make a lasting impression and you should absolutely be the one to shine on your Wedding Day. A better way to really make a lasting impression is to offer Professional Makeup Services to your Attendants, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and other special guests. A sure fire and guaranteed way to have beautiful photographs to behold and admire for years to come!

  • 1 to 2 people          $110 per person
  • 3 to 5 people          $  95 per person
  • 6 or more people     $  85 per person
  • Attendants 10-15 years old          $ 45 per person
  • Attendants under 9 years old       $ 25 per person

Touch Up Session $300 per person

This service includes the initial makeup application plus one, on location, touch up session. A touch up includes removing any oil build up, a powder down if necessary and a full once over (eyes, cheeks, lips). Choose from the following touch up sessions:

  • after the ceremony
  • before the reception
  • before dancing begins

Makeup By CC for A Day $2000

The ultimate luxury for a Bride and up to 6 of her attendants! Start off with your makeup professional applied and then relax and enjoy your day as CC caters to all your makeup needs! CC goes where you go; ceremony, formal photo shoot, reception, dinner and dancing! She has her eyes on all of you and makes sure that you are picture perfect all day long! And to make things even better, CC will transform your day bridal look into an elegant bridal evening look just before you make your grand entrance to your guests!


For more information, or to book your wedding, get in touch with CC today!

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