It’s Saturday!

By makeupbycc

Good morning, good morning! I haven’t blogged in ages but I’m hoping to get some blogs out more regularly now.

Before I get started, I just have to say that I love Saturdays! Look at this, 10am and I am back home after getting a beautiful bridal party all made up. Don’t go looking for photos of the bridal party because I won’t post any without getting written consent from my clients.

Now on to the main part of this blog!

I decided that I needed to finally get up off my ass and actually, seriously, start working out REGULARLY. So I contacted my very good friend Heather D’Andrea, a Team Beach Body Coach. We had a good chat and she decided that the best fit for me right now, is to start with the T25 dvd’s. While I wait for mine to be shipped, she lent me her set. I did the first workout yesterday and I just love it! It’s only 25 minutes and since I’m awake by 6am, I can get it out of the way first thing in the morning and move on!

Heather D’Andrea also has this amazing support network on Facebook called “Swoobs Girl Fitness” and that group, those women, are so incredibly inspirational! I love it! Heather does a great job motivating everyone (but then again, the members all motivate each other too) and she is also full of nutritional information. I really like the fact that she is seriously there for me, to coach me to the bitter end.

Heather suggested that I take photos of my body in addition to noting my measurements and weight so that I could measure my progress. Looking at those photos made me sick. I have been fit and active all my life but once I had kids, finding the time to work out and take care of myself became challenging. Another reason why I wake up at 6am! It gives me some “me” time! If I wasn’t so shy, I would post my pics here so that we could all measure my progress…..but ya, not going to do that!

So there you have it! I’m going to be transforming myself into a healthier, new and improved version!

Stay tuned for updates and for great information on products that I will be blogging about.



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