Makeup Lessons

By makeupbycc

Everyone wants their makeup to look perfect and flawless, just like those beautiful people in magazines and on the big screen. But how do you do it? How do you achieve those big bright eyes, that sexy full pout, those chiseled cheek bones?

There are a few ways; you can pour yourself over how to’s in magazines, watch countless YouTube videos (which look too easy until you try it) or hit up Pinterest (and you know most of those turn out to be epic fails!). Or, you can call on CC and get a one on one makeup lesson. Imagine that! A makeup lesson just for you! A makeup lesson tailored to your face, your eye shape, your lip shapes. A makeup lesson to teach you how to work with what you’ve got!

Your makeup lesson includes a peek into your own makeup kit so that CC can go through everything with you including toss out the items that don’t work for you.

Makeup Lessons given by a Professional Makeup Artist are the absolute best way to learn how to apply your own makeup just as a professional would!

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